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Already have one of these awesome devices?  Click on the button below that corresponds to your POWERBLAST PLATE model and download the .pdf formatted file with step-by-step install instructions and the POWERBLAST PLATE limited warranty information (located on the last page).  If you have any questions, give us a call at (916) 529-4379.  

What is the Purpose of a Carburetor?

The sole purpose of a carburetor is to mix fuel with air in order to produce a combustible or explosive mixture. If the carburetor is not mixing fuel properly, or in a large enough ratio to the air, it will not realize its full power or performance potential.

How Effective is a Stock Carburetor at "Atomizing" Fuel?

In the video on our "Shop_Products" page you can see in the "before" images that the fuel from the factory accelerator nozzle does not produce atomized fuel at all, but instead, squirts a solid stream.  Since this fuel is not well mixed with air, it will have a difficult time burning and causes a sluggish throttle response.  *For a simple analogy, imagine holding a lit match and then streaming fuel on the flame.  Most likely that flame will be doused out - at best, the flame will flicker and struggle to ignite the fuel.  This is similar to what occurs with the factory nozzle spray.  If the fuel does not mix with the air properly it will not ignite, and it will not produce much power.

How Does the POWERBLAST PLATE Help Me Get the Power Out of My Fuel?

Fuel has to burn in order to release its potential power.  Atomized fuel burns better (faster and more thoroughly) than unatomized fuel.  Atomizing the fuel means reducing the fuel to fine particles or a spray. In the video on our "Shop_Products" page you can see in the "after" images that the POWERBLAST PLATE greatly atomizes the fuel and directs it to the high-velocity area of the Venturis (while maintaining the atomized quality).  You can see that the fuel is also evenly dispersed among the barrels and that there are no puddles of raw fuel collecting at the throttle blades.  All of this adds up to better performance because the motor no longer struggles with fuel it cannot utilize.  *To continue with our earlier analogy, now imagine you have a lit match and the same amount of fuel as in the example above, but this time you spray the flame with the fuel, as if from an aerosol can.  A better air-to-fuel ratio and greater surface area increases the combustibility of the fuel, resulting in a much faster ignition.  Atomized fuel is what the POWERBLAST PLATE  was designed to produce... and you know it's "All About the Atomization!"  

What are the Benefits of the POWERBLAST PLATE?

The POWERBLAST PLATE was specifically designed to improve throttle response, however, as a "happy side effect" we are also seeing increases in Horsepower and Torque, simply because the engine does not have to recover from a flood of wet, raw (unatomized) fuel.  Below are independent chassis Dyno test results for a Double Pumper (with two POWERBLAST PLATES) and a vacuum secondary carburetor (only one POWERBLAST PLATE).

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Because there are many variables, motor to motor, that can effect overall performance, the Horsepower and Torque improvements created by the POWERBLAST PLATE can vary from vehicle to vehicle, however, in every chassis Dyno test independently performed for us, there have been performance improvements.  In addition to these independent shop chassis Dyno tests, some of our customers have reported their own independent Dyno test results showing improvements in Hp and Torque after installing the POWERBLAST PLATE on their carburetor.  Again, the POWERBLAST PLATE was not designed to achieve this added performance, but it has been shown time and again to occur.

What is the Value of the POWERBLAST PLATE to you?
As we mentioned, the POWERBLAST PLATE converts the stream of fuel from the acceleration circuit of the carburetor into a fully atomized mist of fuel.  Atomized fuel will provide you with a quicker and smoother throttle response.  This improved response will allow you to accelerate faster from a stop and will help you to pass and climb smoothly and without hesitation- which makes your driving experience more enjoyable (and being able to enjoy your car is why you have it!)  The POWERBLAST PLATE will help you to bring out more of your car's existing power potential sooner, but not in a more radical fashion - just a quick smooth increase in performance.  Since the POWERBLAST PLATE installs utilizing existing hardware and does not require any filing, grinding or drilling of your carburetor, it makes for a simple, fast and pretty effortless install for anyone who is mechanically inclined, and it allows you to keep your carburetor in stock condition.  The POWERBLAST PLATE's precise engineering saves you time, as well - simply install it the way you receive it... no need to file or bend the device to "make it fit" your carburetor.  This is not something you have to continually tune on your carburetor, either, and it works every time you hit the gas.  The POWERBLAST PLATE is proudly manufactured in the United States of America and is made from 260 American brass.  With proper care and installation it will last the lifetime of your carburetor making this a valuable one-time purchase.  There is nothing else on the market you can spend so little on that gives your car this much added performance.  As background information, before going to market, a panel of drivers did direct before and after tests (that is, they drove their own vehicles without the POWERBLAST PLATE first, and then drove the same vehicle roughly 10 minutes later with the only change being the addition of the POWERBLAST PLATE), and when asked what they would pay for the improved performance they just experienced, every single one of them said, "at least $100."  The chart below is a value comparison of the POWERBLAST PLATE (priced at its regular retail amounts for one and two plates, respectively), and other automotive devices producing similar horsepower improvements.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get the device being called​"A Revolution in Carburetor Technology"TM  today!

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